Dive Schools

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Dive schools on Koh Chang.  Click the area for details.Dive schools are located in the areas indicated on the map, click the dive flags for details. However, all dive schools have booking offices and agents in all the resort areas. Some resorts are exclusive agents for only one dive school, whilst other agents provide information from several schools.

Our advice is to shop around, don’t simply sign up to learn to dive with the school whose promotional material you see on the wall of your resort. It may well be the best option, but if you spend a couple of hours looking around you may also find schools whose schedule, prices and instructors better meet your requirements.Tripadvisor will give you an indication of how good a particular divecentre treats it’s customers.

Also avoid promising your custom to a dive instructor you meet in a bar and share a few beers with. Sure he might be a great guy and an excellent instructor but it’s far wiser to make an informed decision when both you & the instructor are sober. (For ideas about how to choose an instructor, read this article.)