General Diving Questions

1.  Where do I start?
2.  Is it rational to worry about panicking whilst underwater? 
3.  I’m not a strong swimmer. Does that matter?
4.  Is scuba diving expensive?
5.  Shark attack!!!  How likely is it?
6.  My ears hurt when I swim to the bottom of a pool, is that a problem?
7.  What’s in a scuba tank & how long does it last?
8.  What if I run out of air?
9.  I wear glasses/contact lenses, can I wear them whilst diving?
10.  Is learning to dive difficult?

Course Related Questions

1.  Are there age requirements?
2.  Will I have time to get fully certified while on vacation?
3.  Classroom study: What does it cover?
4.  Pool practice: What does it cover?
5.  How are the open water dives different?
6.  Can I dive on holiday without getting certified?
7.  Are the instructors qualified?