Dive Sites

All diving on Koh Chang is done off boats.  There’s no beach diving off Koh
Chang. (However, some dive schools prefer to complete any confined water training required on a dive course in shallow seas near the beach, rather than in a pool.

The map on the right pinpoints some of the main dive sites around Koh Chang.  The rocky pinnacles and small islands around Koh Rang offer what most consider to be the best diving in the area.

Different dive schools prefer different dive sites, therefore prior to signing up for a dive make sure you check where you’ll be going, your dive school will be able to give you details of the types of fish & marine life that have been recently seen at various dive sites.

Non-divers should note that the the snorkelling around Koh Rang is also particularly good with an abundance of fish
to be seen.  If your budget doesn’t stretch to a dive course or diving just isn’t your thing then sign up for a snorkelling trip to Koh Rang for a glimpse of the underwater world.

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