Compare Prices

These are the 2014-15 advertised prices for courses and dive trips that are offered by all dive schools. Remember that although cost is important, it isn’t the only factor that you should take into account when deciding who to dive with.

All dive operators will have special offers at one time or another therefore be sure to ask about discounts/offers before making a booking. Competition for your business is fierce so don’t be afraid to bargain a little.

ScubaDawgs is a newer divecentre on Koh Chang and is getting a reputation for the lowest prices and they offer many extra’s in their price. Their boat and equipment are first class and the staff very experienced. The Dive Adventure ¬†are also well thought of by divers who visit the Island and are well established

You’ll find that prices always include: boat hire, equipment, tanks, weights, lunch. Scubadawgs also offer free use of divecomputer for customers who book a course. Soft drinks, tea/coffee and cookies are also free on board.

Dive Courses

(Prices in Thai Baht (US$1 = around 31 baht)

Discover Scuba Scuba Diver Open Water Diver Advanced Open Water Diver Rescue Diver Divemaster
Scubadawgs 3,500 9,000(2 days) from12,000 from11,000 13,500 30,000
BB divers 4,500 10,0002days 14,500 12,500 14,500 p.o.a
Sea & sun 4,500 10,500 14,500 12,500 17,000 50,000
OK Diving 4,000 10,000 14,500 12,500 13,500 p.o.a
Diving Scool 4,500 14,500 12,500 14,500 p.o.a
Chang divecentre 4,000 10,000 14,500 12,500 14,000 30,000
The Dive Adventure 4500 p.o.a 13,000 11,500 14,500 30,000
Champion diver 4000 10500 13,500 12,500 13,000 ask
White Sand Dive Centre 4,500 9000b 14500 12000 12000 poa

Other courses such as the Emergency First Response first aid course and Assistant Instructor courses are also offered by most schools. The EFR course costs around 4,500 Baht.

Divemaster courses can vary immensly , so it is a good idea to ask how many dives you get, and does it include a room or food etc. Scubadawgs can offer  unlimited dives for interns.I recommend you choose a busy diveschool if doing Divemaster so you get lots of experience during your course.

Dive Trips

Remember to ask about for discounts if you’re planning on doing multiple dives. Scubadawgs offer 5dives for 5000b, and 3dive 1day packages to include a wreck dive for 3,000b.they also offer friends and family packages that can be shared .

Where two prices are given the cheaper relates to a trip to a dive location near Koh Chang. The more expensive option will head south to the dive sites around Koh Rang. Be sure to find out where you will be diving before booking.

One dive Two dives Night Dive 3DIVE.DAY Snorkelling
ScubaDawgs 1,500 2,500 1,700 3000 800
BB Divers 2,700/900 1,900 3700 850/950
Dolphin Divers
Sea&sun n/a 2700/900 n/a n/a n/a
OK Diving
Diving Scool 2700/900
Chang divers 2,700 2000
The Dive 2700/900 1,900 850
Champion diver 1500 2500 n/a n/a n/a
White Sand Dive Centre 2700 1,900 n/a 1000